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Automatic Money Counter with UV+MG+IR+DD

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Into Mode: Back Loading
Stacker Capacity: 200PCS
Checkout Function: Yes
Detection Mode: UV,MG,IR,DD
Hopper Capacity: 300PCS
Model: DMS-1580T/DMS-1584T
Brand Name: DOMENS
Counting Function: Yes
Size of Countable Note: 50mmX100mm/80mmX183 mm
Display: LCD
Size: 312*235*142mm
Counting Speed: 1050pcs/min
Color : Grey
Front Display : LCD or LED Display
Function : Counting and Detecting
Detecting Function : UV+MG+MT+IR+DD
Size of Countable Banknote: 50mmX100mm/80mmX83 mm
Banknotes Thickness Range: 0.075-0.15mm
Power Supply : DC 100V-240V
Power Consumption: ≤70W

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